The work


Curdled is the story of Mara, an over-forty divorcee, nervously anxious to tell her nineteen-year-old daughter and ‘BFF,’ Tara, that she is expecting another child. Mara hosts a post-forty prenatal support group at their house. But, when Tara enters, she misinterprets the gathering and thinks her mother is dying! Tara realizes Mara is not dying and learns what to expect when her own mom is expecting. In the end, in a completely unexpected turn of events, Mara and Tara gain a new understanding of the joys and laborious pains of motherhood.

Old Mama

Sample: for the short film "Curdled"

Written by Shia Shabazz Smith
Produced by Dave Shul, Stefanie Keys and GroovenButtafly
Arranged by Dave Shul, Kamilah Shuaibe, Eric Luning, and GroovenButtafly
Recorded, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Dave Shul
Lead Vocals: Shia Shabazz Smith featuring Stefanie Keys
Background Vocals: Shia Shabazz Smith, Ronnie Smith, Dave Shul
Bassline, All Percussion, Claps: Ronnie Smith
Guitar, Claps: Dave Shul
Recorded at Dave and Jay’s Studio in San Francisco, CA
Special thanks to Stefanie Keys and ShulD Music


Sample; for the pilot "Sideman"

Written by Shia Shabazz Smith
Produced by Paisley Hinton and GroovenButtafly
Arranged by Paisley Hinton
Recorded, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Paisley Hinton
Lead and Background Vocals: Ronnie Smith
All Instruments by Paisley Hinton
Recorded at Paisley’s Studio in San Rafael, CA


My Soul Sings Acappella (Poems) / Synopsis: Noise often obstructs our ability to feel, think and create. My Soul Sings Acappella, by Shia Shabazz Barnett, inspires the idea that the truth and beauty can only truly manifest by living beyond the noise we often mistake as music. The book offers a compilation of poems and prose pieces about love, life, and truth in living.