...when I am not writing, there is a death of small things happening in my soul. Writing helps me to process life and explore the richness of interpretations and meanings and layers.

As someone who is still “breaking into the business,” over the years, I have found “the interwebs” to be among my greatest allies. While I have listed beloved organizations that have and do support my writing efforts, I have also listed a few “tried-and-true” links that I continue to frequent for guidance, information, resources, and inspiration. Check back periodically for updates and changes as my experiences expand this list. Enjoy!

Need Scripts?

Need film and TV scripts? If you can’t get to the Writers Guild Foundation  Shavelson-Webb Library   in Los Angeles anytime soon, here are a few helpful links:


Shonda Rhimes / Shondaland 
All things Shonda Rhimes! Shonda Rhimes is the Empress of prime-time TV. She made her indomitable mark on the tv-going public beginning with “Grey’s Anatomy” and never looked back. If I weren’t trying to keep this a professional space, I would vomit fan-girl goo all over this page. But I’ll keep it classy. Get inspired. Go to Shondaland!

Ava DuVernay 
Ava Duvernay is EVERYTHING… and a bag of sea-salted kettle chips! She had me at “Middle of Nowhere” and continues to make me swoon with every Array release. Not only is her eye as a director resplendent and genius, she is changing the game in distribution.

Issa Rae
“You should just do what Issa Rae did!” (I love my people.) Issa Rae is a trailblazer and a creative genius. Contrary to the urgings of my loving but misguided family and friends, her award-winning lauded web series “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl” is irreplicable. Plus, who would want to? If you haven’t already, check out HBO’s Insecure. You’ll thank me later.

John August
If you don’t know John August… you’re welcome! His Scriptnotes blog-turned-podcast has long been an excellent source of information for screenwriters and all levels of film folx. It offers everything from interviews with accomplished industry pros to advice and “how tos” on screenwriting.

Michael Jamin
Michael is the mentor everyone deserves. You can access his podcast episodes on his site, sign up for “The Watchlist,” learn the craft of screenwriting, and access his socials where he is funny and edu-taining! Follow him on Instagram for a daily dose of much-needed mentorship.

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